MotionRocket™ News


  • MotionRocket™ is on TV.. again.
  • The NCAA womens basketball 1st and 2nd round finals are under Launchpad control. BGSU's 6 LED screens are all controlled by 2 Launchpad's.
  • MotionRocket™ Launchpad is on TV!
  • The fascia displays at the Southern Conference Finals in Asheville, NC.
  • BGSU Stroh Center
  • The BGSU Falcons are under LaunchPad™ control. All four LED Surfaces (10mm SMD Main Screen at 864x320, 10mm Fascia at 928x80 and two 10mm 1520x64 scoretables) and being controlled by two primary Launchpad™ servers with an extra server for redundant.
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  • MotionRocket™ partners with the USF Bulls
  • to control their new softball and baseball facility. Go Bulls!
  • Launchpad™ Sports Clip Server to control new virtual scoreboard Radford University
  • Launchpad™ Clip Server and CG Software has been selected by Capturion LED of Laurel, MS to control the new LED screen for Radford University's Dedmon Center in Radford, Virginia.
    The new installation will not feature any traditional scoreboards; rather the LED screen will display all pertinent game data as a transparent overlay. The game data, game clock and Player statistical data are all controlled by Launchpad™, which interfaces with the existing StatCrew software and the OES scoreboard control console which is in direct control of the shot clocks and locker room clocks.
    A custom automation interface has been developed specifically for the Radford installation which will allow game introduction videos to be synched with lighting dimmers and audio clips through Crestron touch screens installed throughout the facility.
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  • Launchpad™ Sports Clip Server to control new video screen for Leon Soccer Club
  • Launchpad™ was selected to control the new LED scoreboard for the Leon soccer club located in Leon, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. The new display was provided by Evolution LED. The club does not have ANY traditional scoreboards and will be using Launchpad's ASP wed-based interface to create a 'virtual scoreboard' in the form of transparent bugs on the LED screen. You can learn more about the Leon Club on their Club Leon Wikipedia page. View Press Release
  • Launchpad™ Controls NFL101 for LA Coliseum
  • Launchpad™ was used to display sponsor advertisements during the event and during speakers. Launchpad was used at full 720p in HD-SDI.
  • Launchpad™ Clipserver Selected for Furman
  • The Launchpad™ LED Display Controller will be controlling the new LED Display at Furman University. The New Paladin Stadium will have a 32ft x 13ft LED Video Board and a 32ft x 4ft LED Video Ribbon. Launchpad™ will be controlling the ribbon directly and will be used as a input into the video switch for the main screen.
  • Launchpad™ LED Controller Adds Web Interface
  • The Launchpad™ LED Display Controller now features an ASP based interface for updating user-defined variables. These can be used to display overlay text on top of live video and graphics. The text variables can be selected from a Roster list or plain text entered into the web interface hosted by the Launchpad™ server. This allows data to be updated by any person with a laptop or PDA connected to the network, freeing the Launchpad™ operator from the task of updating the information.